Thursday, May 17, 2012

We Have a Hundred Class Pets...and a Freebie I Found!

A hundred class pets....really!?!?  

Yep, well kinda.  See......
I'm pretty sure there's a hundred in there.  Feel free to count them though if you don't believe me!  :)

One of my kiddos and her family found these tadpoles and offered to bring them in so of course I said yes!!  My entire class has been so excited over these guys and gals.  The best part is that one of them has already started growing his/her back legs.  They're getting the chance to see the frog life cycle happening live in our classroom.  

We had these guys yesterday and today.  The mom took them home today to get some clean water.  Amazing how small they are yet how dirty they can make that water.  

With so many classroom 'pets' around I had to do what any good, decent, self-respecting, blog stalking, TpT obsessed teacher would do find a cute activity to learn about the frog life cycle and so I found this great little FREEBIE on TpT!  

Check it out:

It was a very cute and easy book for my kiddos to make.  We discussed the frog life cycle and then cut out the pages, filled in the missing information, stapled them, and of course colored the pictures.  

Hopefully next week we'll get to see more frog legs! :)

Tomorrow we're having a *SNOW DAY* in MAY!!!  Yep, for real!  Check out my Snow Day in May Pack at my TpT store.  I'll post pics later.  We're going to be making snow cones and maybe having a snowball fight, but you didn't hear that from me!  :)

Happy almost Friday!  Not too many of those left!


Jessica Ann Stanford said...

I'm sure a distracted child would count them for you ;)

Jessica Stanford

Cupcake said...

Ooo those tadpoles are creepy and cool at the same time! :)
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Jennifer Jasewicz said...

Tadpoles are so much fun! Your students must be in love with them!

Fourth Grade Garden

Primary Possibilities said...

Wow, your classroom sounds like so much fun! We have just one little tadpole in our classroom and they do make the water pretty dirty!!

Your newest follower!

Lisa R. said...

I used tadpoles in my classroom last year & it's amazing how they smell so bad. LOL but the kids loved them & it really was cool to watch them grow & change!

I am having a big TPT giveaway over at my blog- come & check it out! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Owl Things First said...

I love your blog and can't wait for the snowballs tomorrow. This was the first year I've taught without a Snow Day...I may have to have one now!

Owl Things First

Molly Maloy said...

I found your blog from Jen's giveaway and am a new follower!!! My brother and I used to have a ton of tadpoles when we were younger! I loved them! What a neat experience for the kiddos to have and see!

Lessons with Laughter

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