Wednesday, February 26, 2014

States of Matter and TpT Sale!

We had such a great day today! We celebrated a birthday and my birthday kiddo brought ice cream!  Yum!  Then we also did a science experiment and ate popsicles.  Yum! Yum! 

We have been learning about the States of Matter in Science over the last couple of weeks.  Today we made popsicles and discussed solids versus liquids.  

I bought this great States of Matter pack awhile ago on TpT and was so happy to finally use it!

Click *here* or the picture to go purchase it!
States of Matter Science Activities
This morning I poured some punch in the cups and my kiddos put a popsicle stick in each cup.  Then I carried the cups to the freezer in our lunch room.  This afternoon I went to get them and carried them back in a box.  My kiddos were so excited to see if the liquid froze!  

Here are some pictures of our popsicles:

Here are the frozen popsicles in the box. 

They were so excited when they realized they could pull the frozen popsicle out of the cup!  

This kiddo was a little surprised that it worked and came out in one piece!  

We made a hypothesis of what would happen, but my kiddos are pretty smart and figured it out!  :)

There is an experiment form to fill out with all the experiments in this pack.  My kiddos recorded what materials we used, the process of our experiment, their hypothesis, and their conclusion.  Tomorrow we're making a liquid rainbow...just in time before Saint Patrick's Day!  

Before I go, I want to remind you that tomorrow and Friday Teachers Pay Teachers is having a HUGE sale.  You can get 28% off for 2 days so stock up for the end of the year!  

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Enjoy the sale!  I will be doing a lot of shopping!  :)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Currently and Updated Math Story Problem Pack

I am linking up with Farley for her February Currently.  I've missed the last couple of months so it's good to be back !  

Listening: My mama had back surgery this past week and can't get around very well so she's making good use of Netflix!  I'm hanging out with her today to help out!

Loving: My mama's surgery is over and she is home!  Woohoo! 

Thinking: I got my first student teacher a couple weeks ago and she is doing great!  We've had 4 snow days since she's been here so she actually hasn't been in my room long, but it's going very well!  

Wanting: I have a 'little sister' in the Big Brother, Big Sister program and I have promised her we would go see Frozen.  I've heard it's really good so I'm looking forward to it!  

Needing: I need something yummy to eat...I am so hungry!  

2 Truths and a Fib:
1. Truth: I ran a marathon a few years ago.  It was on my bucket list and I'm so happy I have marked it off!  

2. Fib: I only have a brother.  I don't have any sisters unless you count my 'Little Sister' from the Big Brother, Big Sister program!  

3. Truth: I have been to all 48 continental US States!  I only have Hawaii and Alaska left and I will definitely get there someday!  

I also want to share my updated Math Story Problem Pack with you!  It has gone from 20 pages to 53 pages with lots more story problems, anchor charts, and even an ice cream cone activity to help your kiddos remember addition and subtraction key words!  
I have 2 types of anchor charts in this pack.  Each anchor chart has a copy you can just print and use and one your kiddos can make.   Below is a picture of my addition and subtraction sign charts that your kiddos can make!  

We use blue for addition and red for subtraction.  I wrote the key words on each sign first and then colored it to make it a great visual for my struggling kiddos.  

I also included ice cream cones with the update!  The subtraction and addition terms from the anchor charts are on 12 scoops.  There is also a blank copy so you can add your own terms.  Your kiddos can color the addition terms blue and subtraction terms red and then make 2 ice cream cones.  Aren't they cute?!  What kiddo doesn't want to make an ice cream cone!  ;) 

I now have 3 sections of story problems.  I added 10 addition problems which cover single digits, double digits, and adding 3 numbers.  There are also 10 subtraction problems which cover single and double digits.  And the last section is a mixture of both.  There are 20 pages of story problems with 2 on a page for a total of 40 mixed problems. 

The next picture shows how we solve the story problems.  We read the problem and decide if we need to add or subtract to solve it.  We color the addition sign blue or subtraction sign red.  Those are the colors we decided on.  You can choose whatever colors you want!  :)

Then we circle the numbers, underline the label, and highlight the key words that helped us.  I make my kiddos write a math sentence every time so I can see how they solve them.  Then they write their answer and label on the line.  

These pages have helped make story problems a little more exciting in our classroom!  I hope your kiddos enjoy them too!   

You can print these off and staple them into a packet, do one page at a time, or cut them in half and glue them into your math journals!  Use them however they work for you!  

My Math Story Problem Pack is currently on sale at its' original price until Monday.  Then it will go up to $5.00 so for today and tomorrow it's a fabulous deal!!  Over 50 pages for only $2.40! 

If you download the preview you will find a *freebie* to try with your kiddos!  

Don't forget my entire TpT shop is 20% off through tomorrow too!  

Enjoy the Super Bowl and have fun shopping today!  

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Penguin Experiment and Super Bowl SALE!

Thursday was our first day back after an unplanned week long winter break....also known as snow/calamity/too cold days!  

I had to wrap up our penguin unit this week so I had to eliminate a couple activities since we only had 2 days this week instead of 5.  However, there was no way I could cancel our blubber experiment!  I told my kiddos they were going to see what it felt like to be a penguin and they were sooooo excited!  

It's so easy and provides such a clear understanding for your kiddos how blubber keeps penguins warm and able to live in such a cold, harsh environment.  

You just need Crisco, baggies, water, and 2 bowls.  I accidentally forgot the bowls so we used a couple tubs I had at school. 

I asked every kiddo which hand was warmer and if they could even feel the cold water through the 'blubber'.  None of them could and they were shocked!  It really showed them how penguins are able to survive!  

I missed our 100th Day of School yesterday because my mama had surgery on Tuesday and I was able to take her home from the hospital yesterday!  She was soooo ready to go home!  My student teacher did our 100th Day activities and said my kiddos loved them, but since I wasn't there I don't have any pictures this year!  

I wanted to let you know that I am having a Teachers Pay Teachers Sale this weekend to celebrate the Super Bowl!  While my hubby watches the game, I will be shopping!  :)

Click on the picture to go to my Teacher's Pay Teacher's Store!  Everything is 20% off and I just updated my Math Story Problems Pack so it's now more than double the size it was (20 pages to 50 pages) and the price is still the same until Monday!  

Have a great weekend watching football, funny commercials, and shopping!  I will be blogging tomorrow about all that I added to my story problem pack!  It's a steal right now if you ask me!  :)