Saturday, June 15, 2013

Teacher's Notebook Store and Summer Fun

This week I finally opened up my Teacher's Notebook store!  I only have a few of my products there so far so everything is 50% off until I can get all of my products loaded!  

You can stock up for next year really quickly and get a great deal!  :)  

Click on the picture below to go to my Teacher's Notebook store or on the gadget to the right!  

Last night we had some summer fun!  We went to a Cleveland Indians Game and had soooo much fun.  It was dollar dog night (hotdogs are only $1) and there were fireworks after the game.  

The best part...the Indians the bottom of the 9th inning.  It was so exciting.  And the cotton candy I had was delicious!  Nothing like feeling like a kid again!! :)

We were right behind the dugouts.  I just now noticed the guy down in front holding up his fingers- #1! 
 The fireworks were great!  Some were actually set off on the field.  
Here's the grand finale!  

My brother is in charge of our church's state camp and it starts tomorrow.  This year he has recruited my mom and I to help with registration so I'm off to do laundry and pack.  

He LOVES working with these middle school aged kiddos.  It's not my passion, but it will be fun to help!  My heart is with the little ones!  

Have a great Father's Day weekend!  

Monday, June 10, 2013

Father's Day Pics, Freebie, and a Giveaway!

I know Father's Day doesn't happen during the school year for most so we celebrated a little early this year.

We made these adorable Father's Day cards from Crayonbox Learning.  You can click on the picture to go download this adorable FREEBIE!  

I  know that many kiddos don't live with, have, or know their dads so we made it "Celebrate the Great Men in our Lives Day" so we could include grandpas, uncles, and brothers too.  

If you're already out of school you can pin this or save it for next year.  My kiddos had so much fun with it!  Here are some pics: 

These fish are in school colors!

This kiddo wanted to make sure Dad looked on the back of the fish and included a little note that said 'look underneath me".  

On the back it said "I love you Dad"...adorable!  :)

This little boy's card made me laugh so hard!  He explained to his dad that it wasn't Father's Day yet, but his teacher was making him write this card!  I will so miss him next year!  :)

This turned out to be a great way to keep this kiddo focused on cutting and not chatting.  He thought it was hilarious that I passed out his fish on his head.  He even managed to walk to the trash can with it there!  

This is my Night Before Father's Day pack that I have for sale in my TpT store!  If you would like to use this pack this year or next year, leave a comment with your email below and I will send it to the first 3 people who do!  

I have included other templates for the Father's Day book to include grandpa's, step-dad's, and uncles too!  

Enjoy!  And, Happy Early Father's Day!  :)

Friday, June 7, 2013

New Favorite iPhone App (not school related!)

My first week of summer has been wonderful!  Lots of getting things done, cleaning, organizing, working out, shopping, and looking for new fun iPhone apps!

I REALLY want to blog about the Father's Day cards we made a couple weeks ago, but I can't find my camera anywhere! It's great that I'll finally be able to get a new one, but I have soooo many pictures on the old one I want.  

We made the cutest Father's Day cards (and it was a TpT freebie), but I'll wait to see if my camera shows up before I share!  :)

Since I don't have any pictures to show you, I thought I would share a new iPhone app I found yesterday that is fabulous!  

Disclaimer: It has nothing to do with school so if you're not interested don't read any further....but it's a really good and free app so you might be interested!  

Key Ring Reward Cards
This app is called Key Ring Rewards Card and it lets you store all of those little key chain rewards cards you have.  After you download the FREE app you just scan the bar code with your phone, select the retailer, add a picture of the card if you want, and you're good to go!  

I have only used it once, but it worked wonderfully!  I had all of my rewards cards on a ring, but they kept falling off and taking up too much space in my purse.  Now they're all on my phone which is with me all the time!  

I know I'm a total dork for posting this, but I was very excited to find it yesterday.  I already feel more organized this summer because of it!  

My hubby downloaded the app on his phone, logged in with my email and password and now they're all on his phone too! 

Like I said...not educational, but good to know.  :)

Hopefully, I will find my camera soon and be back to show you Father's Day pictures!  

Enjoy your weekend!  

Monday, June 3, 2013

June Currently Fun!

Woohoo!  Summer is here!  :)

I was so sad to see my kiddos leave last Thursday.  I had such a great group of kiddos this year.  

But today was my first day of summer break and I have to was fabulous!!  The sleeping in was my favorite part!  :)

There's no better way to bring in the summer than by the latest Currently from Farley so here it is!  

Hubby is a BIG Spurs fan so he's all sorts of into basketball right now!  

I am loving that summer vacation has started!  I definitely need this time to recharge my batteries.  

I need to go get things ready for tutoring tomorrow.  I am tutoring an almost third grader this summer so we will be reading....a lot!  

I am always wanting a new pedicure.  I mean who doesn't?!?!  

I have so much to do in my new house!  I have LOTS of organizing to well as getting the remodeling started.  I want it done soon!  :)

3 Vacay Essentials: 
Phone- can't leave home without it! 
Laptop- can't go far from home without my laptop either!  
Lots of Books- I never go on vacation without lots of books to read!  That is my favorite summer thing to do!  :)

I'm off to get ready for tutoring tomorrow!  Hope you're enjoying your summer vacation or last few days of school!  :)