Friday, November 30, 2012

Fantabulous Friday Freebie- Christmas and Nonfiction

It's Friday!!  Time for Fantabulous Friday Freebie again!  :)

I have found a few more Christmas freebies and a nonfiction freebie I want to share with you.  We have been discussing nonfiction text features this week and I found a great freebie to show my kiddos!  

Here they are: 

This is a cute little activity.  The kiddos read the poem and try to figure out the last word of each line.  They can then draw a picture of each word as they go and at the end they will have made a Santa.  Love this idea!  

These cookies are a great way to review silent e words.  This will be a fun way to practice reading and spelling those tricky words this week!  

This is another great freebie from Amy Lemons!  She has several fun Christmas activities in here.  

We have been learning about nonfiction text features in my class so I have been looking for nonfiction activities.  As I was searching I found these great posters!  This shows my kiddos exactly what I'm talking about when discussing nonfiction texts.  

Make sure to say thanks if you download any of these great freebies!  It's always appreciated!  :)

We only have 3 more weeks of school before Christmas break, but who's counting?!  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Went Shopping! Woohoo! :)

cyber monday button

I have spent so much money during the TpT Cyber Monday and Tuesday Sale!  Take a look at some of the goodies I bought!

Common Core Reader's Response Sheets: Grade 1
Love these reader responses!  

WOW vs. BLAH Sentences - Writing Detailed Sentences
I can't wait to do this with my kiddos!  I've had this in my wishlist for awhile.  :)
This math pack is huge and will be perfect for my kiddos!  So excited to use it and make the craftivities!  

Thank you Jennifer for this Common Core Writing Pack!  This will be wonderful!  :)

These anchor charts will save me a lot of time!  Woohoo!  

We will have lots of fun making this cute little guy!  We will be all ready for Christmas.  :)

You still have a few more hours if you have any purchases left to make!    My store and many others are 20% off with an additional 10% off if you use the CMT12 code!  

Hope you had as much fun shopping as I did!  :)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Fantabulous Friday Freebie and a TpT Sale

I hope everyone has enjoyed some Black Friday shopping!  I have found some great deals and checked several people off of my Christmas list already!  :)

We are headed over to visit with some friends and enjoy leftovers so this will be quick!  

Here are some great Christmas freebies:
Christmas Font Clip Art
Elizabeth has created this adorable Christmas font!  Make sure you check it out when creating Christmas or December activities!  
Grade One Fun created these Christmas writing prompts.  These are great for writing ideas in December!

This is a cute craftivity with a writing activity!  My kiddos will be making these next week!  :)

Christina Bainbridge has created this Christmas Around the World  Scrapbook Freebie!  We show our first graders how other countries celebrate Christmas the week before break and this will be great!  

Hope you can enjoy these freebies!  Make sure you if you download them that you leave some feedback!  :)

And, don't forget that Teachers Pay Teachers is having a Cyber Monday Sale on Monday and Tuesday!  My store will be 20% off and you can use the code CMT12 to get an additional 10% off for a total of 28% off!  

Have fun shopping!  I have lots in my wishlist ready to buy!! :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

FREE Christmas/December Math Games

I haven't blogged in a week!  Things have been busy around here as I'm sure you can relate.  

We don't have school tomorrow so when I got home from school today I started cleaning, putting all of my fall decorations away and getting all of my Christmas decorations out!!  I'm so excited.  

I'm all about celebrating Thanksgiving and I have honestly never done this before.  Hubby has never let me decorate before Thanksgiving, but we're going out of town this weekend so I convinced him I had to decorate early!!  

Tomorrow we're going to get our Christmas tree.  It's a family tradition to go to the Christmas tree farm and cut down our own tree and haul it home in the truck.  Tomorrow night I'll be decorating the tree, watching Christmas movies, and visiting with friends.  I can't wait!  

I have had Christmas on my mind for awhile.  I've been looking for December/Christmas math games I can use during my guided math time.  I'll share with you what I have found.  Most of them are free too!!  :)

Click on the pictures to download or purchase! 

Latoya created this cute fact family game!  It's a Christmas math game that is quick and easy and it's a FREEBIE!  :)

Froggie Went a Teachin created these great Bump math games and they are also free!  My kiddos love these games.  They think it's so funny to bump somebody off their spot!  :)

Games 4 Learning created these 2 Christmas math games.  We played 12 Days of Christmas and it really made my kiddos think.  They have to put three cards in a row to make 12.  Love it!  

Sunny Days created these four free math games, but they aren't specifically Christmas or December games.  However, they are free and my kiddos LOVE playing Snake!  It's an addition game that only requires dry erase boards, markers, and dice.  Quick, easy...and free!!  :)

This pack is full of addition and subtraction math centers for Christmas.  It's from Rachelle at What the Teacher Wants!  Her stuff is great!!  This pack is only $5.00.

I hope you can use some of these math games with your kiddos!  It takes me a little time to find good ones and get them ready for my kiddos, but it is so worth it.  They love them!  

Happy Thanksgiving!!  

Monday, November 12, 2012

Teachers for Teresa

Teresa from 2nd Grade Pig Pen is a second grade teacher in Georgia who is currently in a hospital in Atlanta due to some health complications.  She has missed several weeks of school and her expenses will be piling up.  Her colleague and friend Cynthia at 2nd Grade Pad wanted to help Teresa and got some of her bloggy friends to donate some wonderful items.  

For $25 you can make a donation to help Teresa and receive over $100 in TpT goodies.  Click either picture below to go to Cynthia's blog to read more about it.  

There are some other goodies listed on Cynthia's blog that are all about pigs.  Teresa loves pigs which is evident on her blog!  Some teachers have created a couple piggy units and all proceeds will go towards Teresa's medical bills so make sure you visit!  

Teresa is a sweet lady and really needs our prayers right now.  One of  my former students just experienced a great loss in her family so maybe I'm just extra sensitive right now.  But with the holidays coming up and the burden of no paycheck with large medical bills I'm hoping you can find some room in the budget to make a donation to help Teresa out.  

Click here to visit Teresa's blog.  You can stop by and let her know you're thinking of her and praying for her.  I'm sure Teresa and her family would appreciate it!  

Thanks for your support!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fantabulous Friday Freebie- Thanksgiving!

I am actually early with this Fantabulous Friday post!  Miracles do happen!  :) 

Actually, my hubby and I have a date tonight so I had to get this done early.  I found some really cute Thanksgiving freebies that I had to share.  

These are freebies I found on Teachers Pay Teachers that are free and could easily work in a first grade classroom.  I hope you can use them too!  Just click the picture to go download it!  :)

Lisa Richling created this wonderful Thanksgiving How To Writing Pack.  There are 10 different writing prompts with a couple different planning pages and a final copy page.  This is great for Thanksgiving and sequencing!   
Erin Palleschi created this cute Thanksgiving reader.  My kiddos will put it together and then we will practice our fluency after marking the sight words.    

More Than Math by Mo created this adorable ABC order activity!

Kennedy's Korner created these great Thanksgiving story problems.  There are several on a page.  I am going to cut them along the dotted lines so I can mix up the addition and subtraction.  My kiddos could use some help understanding their story problems!  :)

Blair Turner created this cute little turkey that could be used for the Main Idea of a story, math facts, or a thankful turkey.  My kiddos always love making turkeys!

Hope you all have a great time learning about Thanksgiving!  I love this time of year!  :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November Activity Pack

I'm about to have dinner with my nephew so this has gotta be quick.  He's two and the most adorable little guy ever so he needs my attention and quick!

Here is my November Activity Pack.  I create a monthly activity pack for my kiddos to do that is a good review of skills and a little fun.  We use it during recess centers and in the morning after their morning work is done.  

It's nice to have a pack readily available at a moment's notice in case you need it in an emergency!  

Click on the title picture to go to my TpT store to purchase it for $3.00.  

I'm going to give it away for free to the *first 5 people* who leave a comment and their email address!  

Just share a fun November activity you do with your kiddos!  Enjoy!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Late Currently and Turkey Freebie!

I'm a little late to the Currently party, but here I am making my grand entrance!  :)

Oh' boy fourth grade
Visit Farley to make your own Currently!

I love the colorful leaves, but I'm ready for them to be out of my yard!  

Class Dojo is an *amazing* classroom management tool.  If you're having trouble and need something quick and easy, I highly recommend you use it!  You can read how easy it is to use in this post!  I also use my Rockin' Behavior Rewards and my kiddos LOVE them!  My kiddos are so well behaved...most of the time!  :)

I am trying really hard to have my Christmas shopping done by early December.  I'm not really a last minute shopper, but I want to be done in plenty of time this year so I can relax and bake cookies.  Yum! 

I want to have a magic house fairy clean my house.  I need her right away!  I also need some sleep so I can feel rested enough to drag myself off the couch to be that fairy!  :)

I love Pandora's Children's Christmas songs.  My kiddos love it too.  We listen a lot during writing and other quiet activities or when they're supposed to be quiet.  Packing up is a great time to listen!  

One quick funny story before I go work my magic on this house!  We're writing persuasive sentences this week so my kiddos are trying to persuade me to give them a cookie.  We had a cookie election today (chocolate chip won!) but now I have these leftover cookies (the losers).  I told them if they could persuade me, I would share the leftovers with them at the end of the week.  

We made a bubble map and wrote down some ways they could persuade me such as being a hard worker, a good listener, not being a bully, etc.  Well, one little cutie wrote "I think you should give me a cookie today because you look lovely".  While that wasn't exactly what I was wanting, I thought it was adorable.  

I'm seeing a future politician there!  :)

For reading all of my rambling, here's a freebie from my new November Activity Pack.  Enjoy!  
Click the picture to download!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fantabulous Friday Freebie- Election Day

Happy Fantabulous Friday!  

I am exhausted so I am very happy that it is Friday.    

We had conferences last night and I was at school late on Wednesday too so this post is going to be short, sweet, and to the point.  :)

For my freebies today I'm sharing some wonderful election packs.  I will be having a class election on Tuesday that I will share next week so I will be using each of these wonderful freebies.  I hope you enjoy!  Just click on the pictures to download the freebies. 
Teacher to the Core created this great Election themed freebie pack.  It has great information about voting and how we are choosing a president this year.  Download it and vote!  :)

Latoya Reed created this great freebie.  It has a word search, Venn diagram comparing President Obama with Governor Romney, and this If I Were President writing. Love it!  

Keep it Cute has created several cute banners and they are all FREE!!  This one I am going to hang up for our classroom election.  Not exactly educational, but it's adorable so I had to share!!  :)  

This is NOT a freebie, but it's a Patriotic Holiday Pack I have created that has some Election Day activities along with Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, and President's Day with some George Washington and Abraham Lincoln activities.  I wanted to share it with you since it's full of Patriotic materials that can be used all year.  Click on the picture to purchase it at my store!  

I hope you enjoy these freebies!  I'm falling asleep as I type so I need to go to bed.  Enjoy your extra hour of sleep tomorrow night.   I most definitely will!  :)