Monday, October 21, 2013

Bat Freebies and on Bloglovin'!

We have had so much fun learning about bats over the last 2 weeks! 

I wanted to share some of the great resources I have found with you so I started to type up a new post about bats.  However, when I went back to see what I shared last year about bats I saw that we did the same exact activities!  

Rather than retype the same things, I'm going to link back to it HERE.  Click on the link to go get some great bat freebies!!  

My kiddos loved making bats with bat facts from Lita Lita.

You can see one of the bats on the top of this graph!  

I also wanted to share that I am now on Bloglovin'!

I am not that old, but sometimes it is crazy trying to keep up with all these social networks....Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TpT!  

I love it, but sometimes I feel exhausted!  Now I'm off to watch The Voice to relax!  :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I'm Baaaack with an Updated Halloween Pack Giveaway!!

Hellooooo!!  Anybody out there?!?!  

Is anyone still following me after a month and a half blogging hiatus?!?!  :)

The beginning of this year has been a little rough to say the least.  Every school year seems to demand more and more.  I just needed to take a break from the blogging world and keeping up with TpT.

I think I'm ready to come back now.  I've really missed blogging and sharing things.  I have taken so many pictures and I think I'll blog about that, but then I never seem to have the time to sit down and blog.  

Now I'm going to make the time!  :)

I wanted to share my Night Before Halloween Activity Pack that I have updated this year:


This pack is full of fun Halloween activities.  You can use them on a sub day, when you're progress monitoring your kiddos, or when you need a few minutes to get some make-up work done.  It seems like I am always needing a few minutes to get something done! 

I always read The Night Before Halloween by Natasha Wing to my kiddos every year. They love it so I highly recommend it with this pack!  Click on the book below to purchase it on Amazon!

Since I have been gone for sooooo long I am giving this pack away to the *first 10 people* who leave a comment with their email address below sharing their favorite Halloween activity as a thank you for sticking around my blog!  

Hope you enjoy it and come back to visit!  Make sure you follow my Facebook page too so you can grab some freebies that are coming!  :)