Saturday, August 25, 2012

Daily Schedule Linky Party

Well, I have now met my new class of first graders.  And I LOVE them!  :)

We started school on Tuesday so I've only had a few days with them, but I can already see their different personalities and how we are going to blend this year.  I know who's going to be teary eyed in the morning and who's going to get teary eyed in the afternoons.  I know who's gifted with the ability of nonstop chattering.  And, I know who is working REALLY hard to get their clip moved up past  green on my guitar color chart.  (I'll share pictures of this when I get them taken.  My kiddos love it!)

I think I have a great class.  First grade is such a wonderful grade to teach.  They are just so funny.  

One quick story before I link up.  I went to garage sales over the summer looking for Rock Star themed things to bring into my classroom.  I found these Christmas lights that dance to Christmas songs.  I thought they would be perfect to hang up and use occasionally.  The lights can just stay on like normal lights or they can dance to the music.  The music can be turned down so we don't hear it.  

Well, on Tuesday we were talking about things around the room and some of my kiddos wanted to see the dancing lights.  I told them if they were really good I would turn them on at the end of the day.  They were all standing around so excited to see my *dancing* lights.  I turn them on and turn up the music so that they start flashing to the tune.  My kiddos just kind of look at me and then back to the lights.  

Finally one of them says, "They're not moving!"  I laughed out loud because it finally hit me that they thought my lights were actually going to start dancing!!  I had to explain what I meant by dancing lights.  Now, they get excited to see them dance, but that first day I think they were kinda sad that my lights weren't actually dancing!  :)

Love my first graders!!  Here's my schedule for the year.  Thursday and Friday are on my second page so I can see the whole week when I have my plans in my binder.  Head over to Christina's blog to link up.  It's easy to do!  And it's fun to see what everyone else's schedule is like.  

Here is my schedule:

Grab this picture and link back to Christina's linky party!  

I need to go rest and relax so I'm ready for next week!  I'm exhausted after my first week with my first graders!  :)


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