Monday, August 20, 2012

Rock Star Freebie and Review

Today was our first day back to work.  We had a couple meetings this morning and then had our parent meet and greet.  I had most of my kiddos come in and they are soooo cute!  Oh my goodness!!  Several of them are just beyond adorable.  I can already see their different personalities and I think this year will be so much fun!  

They liked the Rock Star theme!  I made these little tags and attached them to glow in the dark bracelets.  I got 15 of them for $1 at the Dollar Store!  How perfect!! :)

Click on the picture to download it!  

One of my favorite bloggers, Christina Bainbridge, gave away her new It's a Partner Reading Party Pack last week and asked that I give it a review on my blog.  

Let me tell is amazing!!  She has thought of everything!  

In this pack you will receive signs to hang up in your partner reading area and a poster with directions of what your kiddos should be doing.  There are also 5 spinners for the kiddos to use while they read.  I know my kiddos love reading with a partner and now I have some accountability that they will enjoy!  They read, use the spinner, and then answer questions about what they just read.  There is a fiction spinner, non-fiction spinner, and 3 spinners to discuss reading, characters, and words.  

Christina has also included somebody, wanted, but, so cards to help your kiddos retell the story.  Then, she also has a couple of games and some dice for your kiddos to roll to read the stories in different ways.  How fun!  :)

This really is a great pack for your kiddos to use when reading with a partner!  I can't wait to use it.  I just have to start Daily Five with my class first!  :)

Click on the link above or the picture here to go purchase this wonderful pack for only $5.00!  Make sure you visit Christina too!  

Tomorrow is my first full day with my kiddos.  I can't wait to meet the rest of them!  


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