Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Night Before Christmas Activity Pack

I wanted to get my Night Before Christmas Activity Pack finished back at the end of November, but that didn't happen. I did finally get it finished over the weekend though!  

Better late than never I guess!

Here is a preview of what's in it:

I have created a couple of the activities in this pack based on the story The Night Before the Night Before Christmas by Natasha Wing.  My kiddos love her stories and they're so fun to read!

The book isn't necessary for this pack, but it would be a great addition!  

The greatest thing about this activity pack is that it doesn't require any cutting or laminating.  My kiddos have already used most of these activities and loved them!  They're all just ready to be printed!

Included is a class book which my kiddos LOVED to make and reread!  We wrote about what gifts we would like to buy for someone we love.  I have a basket in my classroom library devoted just to books we create as a class.  It's a favorite basket!

I'll give this pack away for free to the first *5 people* who leave a comment with their email address and share their favorite December activity!  

Hope your kiddos enjoy it!  


MereMere said...

My favorite December activity with my kids is to make ornament balls with paint and glitter and shake them up. They turn out so pretty and all different. meredith.mitchell@nhcs.net

Miss VerSteeg said...

This packet looks awesome! :) My favorite December activity is wrapping presents! I wrap the presents I'm giving, my parents are giving, and my aunts too. I usually end up wrapping the gifts I'm going to receive, but I still love it!


Barefoot In First Grade said...

My favorite Christmas activity is decorating the tree. I love to see how my boys have grown and the ornaments they made when they were little. Thanks for sharing your unit. It looks like a lot of fun. Deanna

Kristen Alexis said...

I LOVE that book as well!! :) My favorite winter activity I just started this year (because this is my first year teaching) is reading the Polar Express and then watching it as a class. Afterwards, we compare/contrast them and my kids love it! I also use Elf on The Shelf...he works wonders!! :)


Thanks! :)

Mel D said...

I love reading the Grinch with my students & doing various grinchy activities. Our new tradition is elf on the shelf....my students & I are so obsessed~
Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations

Rachel Seymour said...

Thanks ladies for all the great ideas! I will be sending you my Night Before Christmas Activity Pack soon! :)


Miss M said...

So cute!! My favorite December activity is having our Elf on the Shelf (aka Frosty the Snowman this year!) come into our classroom and watch to make sure we're behaving when no one is looking! Great motivator :)

Such a cute pack!
The Fabulous First Grade

momofwillb said...

I love this book! It always makes me laugh. Cute activity pack.

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