Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Late December Currently

How late is too late to do a Currently from Oh' Boy Fourth Grade?

I have been meaning to do this all week, but then this happened and that happened and I had this meeting and then I had to go here and then do get the picture.  I'm sure your life is just as busy!  

Here's my December Currently!

Hubby and I found Prison Break on Netflix and we are so hooked!  It's so good!  

I'm so excited that there are only 2 more weeks until Christmas break.  I need a break!  I do need to get all of my kiddos' gifts ready though and all of my presents under my tree need wrapped!  Lots to do!  

This weekend I'll be finishing up my final Master's project and then I'll be all done!  SOOO excited about this one!  

My RAK will be coming up soon.  I have a full time aide in my classroom for one of my students and she has been an amazing helper this year so my kiddos have a surprise planned for her!  

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I don't want to be the last one!  :)


Miss Sara said...

Prison Break is sooooo good! I remember not being able to go to sleep because I was watching it until 2 in the morning. All 4 seasons are good but 1 and 3 were my favorite :)
Miss Elementary

Unknown said...

I love the owls on your blog. My 1st grade classroom is called The Awesome Owls. We have owls all over the place! I don't know why I didn't think to use owls for my blog. I am a recent blogger, and I also teach 1st grade (12 years so far/full-day K and pre-K before that). I love blogging because it allows me to share ideas and get to know teachers who also love what they do. You are blessed to have a husband to put up with your crazy schedule. My husband also understands (he's teacher too-middle school), but he does make little comments about how much work I do (he thinks I'm working now...). I am your newest follower!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, I just came across your blog and found it interesting and awesome. Looking forward to seeing more educational resources on your blog. Have a great "Prison Break" time with your hubby...

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