Monday, July 8, 2013

Night Before First Grade- Back to School Giveaway

We are at the beach on our family vacation and it is honestly amazing!!  We haven't been to the beach for an entire week with my family for a long time because we have been taking big trips out west the past few years.  

While I would prefer to be in the Rockies somewhere hiking, I do love my time at the beach too!!  :)

Everyone else is still getting ready around here so while I'm waiting I wanted to share my updated Night Before First Grade- Back to School Pack with you.  

I took this pack:

and this pack:

and combined them to make this great big pack:
Click HERE to go purchase this pack at my TpT store or TN store

This pack contains a lot!  The first part goes with the Night Before First Grade book by Natasha Wing.  You don't need to have the book, but it definitely makes it more fun!  Students will write a letter to their Kindergarten friends, talk about back to school worries, and create a Summer Vacation Alphabet Book.  

The second part practices color words, number words, number sense, and has reading, writing, and math task cards to review kindergarten skills.  

I actually started working on this in early June, but then summer got in the way.  You know how that goes or maybe it's just me: stay up late, sleep in, eat lunch, take a nap, workout, eat dinner, stay up late hanging out friends and then start all over again.  :)

I finally got it finished and now these two packs are combined and updated into one new fabulous pack!  :)

If you go to my TpT store you can download the preview and grab a couple freebies!  

Since I am at the beach and loving life I am going to share 5 of these packs with the first 5 people who leave a comment about their favorite thing to do at the beach with their email address.

I will send them to you tonight when we get back to the house.  We are headed out to eat and do some shopping now!  

Yay for vacations!!  :)


christine said...

I love to read at the beach!

Leeanne said...

My fav thing to do at the beach is to float on my air mattress with my pooch :)

pah1st said...

I love to walk on the beach with my husband and my dog.

Cait J said...

My favorite thing to do at the beach is look for shells! :)


Suzy Q said...

I love to walk along the shoreline!

Tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

mcboudreau said...

I love to sit and read on the beach!

Yvonnee said...

I love playing in the water. Thanks for the opportunity.

TracyP said...

I love having the time to sort through my old gems to see how I can make them new again!

(p.S. I love how you melded two packs together!!)

Marcy said...

I go to Lake Michigan, so I like to look for beach glass and Petoskey Stones on the beach. These packs look great!

❋Karen❋ said...

I love your blog, and your back to school pack! I realize I'm not one of the first 5, but I LOVE laying in the sand, watching the kids having fun and just chillin'.

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