Thursday, July 11, 2013

A TpT Friend and Vacation Pictures

I was logging into Teachers Pay Teachers the other day and I saw that a friend of mine was mentioned on the homepage!  Jennifer Siderius used to go to my church a few years ago, but has since moved to the east coast with her hubby and they just had their first baby!  

Click on her picture to go to her store and check out her cute goodies!  She works in a school library so if you are a librarian or know one who is looking for materials, make sure you check her store out!  

She has these adorable bookmarks in her store too!  Click the picture to go download them!

Crayon Bookmarks

We are at the beach this week, but on our way here we stopped to visit a couple historic cities and took some tours.  We rode on this trolley and it was so fun!  It was air conditioned too which was wonderful on that hot day!!  

We like to go to Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives restaurants from the show on the Food Network and this was one of them.  It was definitely one of the nicest ones we've been too and the food was delicious! 

And here is a picture of our beach from the pier down the road.  My two year old nephew has wanted to see a dolphin since we got here and last night we got to see one up close!  It was swimming right by the pier near the shore.  It was so cute seeing my nephew so excited!   :) 

We are now headed to that beautiful beach for another day of fun, sun, and sand!  We are celebrating my other nephew's first birthday today and then some friends are joining us at our house this weekend!  

I'm off to the beach to enjoy my last couple days of vacation!!  :)


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