Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July Currently....a Little Late! :)

Better late than never!  It's only July 3d and over 500 people have already linked up with Farley!  Go link up with your July Currently if you haven't yet!  

Here's mine:

I *HEART* my nephews sooo much!  They are almost 3 and 1...we're having a first birthday party on Friday!  They are adorable and so much fun!  

I love the fact that we are going to be at the beach next week.  Yay!  

I definitely need to get off the computer and get busy packing and finishing up laundry.  Fun stuff, I know!  

I have been working on a couple new TpT packs for too long and I need to get them finished...maybe after vacation....hopefully! 

Do it all with love!  If you don't love teaching, creating things, or blogging then don't do it.  It has to be something you love and enjoy or it's not worth it.  While I love blogging and reading other blogs I definitely need a break in the summer.  

I'm off to read just a few more blogs and then I need to get to packing!  :)


Unknown said...

Hi, found you through Farley's Currently! Don't you just love the beach! I am actually heading out this afternoon for my second trip and couldn't be more excited! Hoping to see some fireworks for the 4th there, too! Totally agree with your tips,tricks, and hints - do it all with love! Love your blog and your blog name! Too cute! I am your newest follower!

Unknown said...

I just posted a blog about the beach today. Love the sun and the beach! Have fun on your trip! Teaching with Giggles

Unknown said...

Do it all with love...that's exactly right:) Thanks for sharing that critically important reminder! Have a wonderful time at the beach. Summer is such a great time for refreshing mind and heart and soul. Enjoy:)
Darcy Hill

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