Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fantabulous Friday Freebie- Bats!

Ready for another Fantabulous Friday Freebie on Saturday?!  I should really make it Fantabulous Saturday Freebie, but that just doesn't have the same ring to it!  

This week my kiddos learned a lot about bats!!  We had our Open House and Fall Festival on Thursday evening so we had to get our bats ready for the hall.  They were adorable and the kiddos loved making them.  

Here are some of the bat activities we did this week.  Some of them are free and some of them I paid for but I had to share them because they are so cute.  If you haven't learned about bats yet I highly recommend you do.  The kiddos loved it and I have learned that they're not slimy, gross creatures that are going to land in my hair and suck my blood!  I learned some great bat facts too!  :)
Here are some of the bat books we read.  We discussed the difference between fiction and nonfiction.  We also read Stellaluna.
Cara Carroll created this great story map using Stellaluna.  We created a story map this week too as we learned about problems and solutions in stories.  Click here to visit Cara's blog post about bats and get some great bat freebies!! 
We learned that bats can eat 600 mosquitoes in an hour!  Just another reason why we LOVE bats!!  The kiddos loved cutting out and gluing these mosquitoes.  Click here to get this bat freebie pack from Jodi at Fun in First.  :) 
We also learned that the largest bat has a wingspan of 6 feet and the smallest bat has a wingspan of 5 inches.  This is also in Jodi's pack.  Click the link above!
The yarn represents their wings.  My kiddos were amazed at how big a bat can get!   
My friend Christina at Sugar and Spice taught her class about owls.  After both of our classes were experts about our animals we got together and taught each other what we had learned about bats and owls.  It was so much fun!  We created this Venn Diagram together as we learned about similarities and differences between each animal.  Then we hung them up in the hall to share with parents for Open House.  
Here is a close up of the bats we made.  They had diagrams inside and then we wrote bat facts on the inside of their wings.  So cute!  This bat craftivity came from Lita.  Click here to purchase it for only $1.50.  It comes in English and Spanish!!
We posted some bat facts up in the hall on this chart we made.  I heard lots of parents reading it that didn't even have kiddos in my class.  It was very cool to hear parents and other kiddos reading and learning about bats!  They were shocked that bats have thumbs and fingers just like we do!  

We also took a vote to see who was still scared of bats after all we had learned.  I wish I had done this before too because I think we would have had very different results.  Both the bat facts and voting activity can be found by clicking here to purchase this AWESOME bat, spider, and pumpkin unit from Julie!

So this was our week about bats!  We have a few more things to do next week and then we'll move on to spiders and pumpkins.  

Happy Fantabulous Friday Freebie!  Enjoy learning about bats!!  We sure did!  :)

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Good luck and thanks for being wonderful followers!   


Tammy said...

A six-foot wing span? Creepy!
❀ Tammy
Forever in First

Cupcake said...

I agree-- 6 feet?! Glad I never ran into that bat ;) I have a freebie bat craft up on TpT if you ever need another to add to your list! :)
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Lita Lita said...

Thanks so much for letting me know about this post. I am so happy to see that you used the bat facts craftivity to create a bulletin board. THANKS!
I will blog about you and your giveaway tomorrow!
Thanks again!

Mrs. Wathen said...

Lots of great activities. I love how when we all pull together, there is a wealth of activities to choose from.

The Resourceful Apple

twilliams said...

You've been BOO'd!!! As a result you get to choose an item out of my TPT store to enjoy. Just send me an e-mail letting me know what you would like at Come on over to my blog and check out what to do to Boo someone else and share some love!


2nd Grade Pig Pen

Julie Shope said...

Wow! Looks fantastic!!!

Julie Shope

Cynthia said...

I hopped on over to see what you've been up to. LOVE the bat unit you completed. Sounds like LOADS of fun!!!

I'm having a BOO linky party to share love and admiration for fellow bloggers. Come on over and join up!

2nd Grade Pad

zputty said...

I love these activities. Where did you get the bat facts sheets? I've looked on all of the activities and don't see where that one came from. ( The one you put in the hall and said parents were reading.) that would be a great activity for my kids.


Rachel Seymour said...

Valerie- the bat facts and voting activity came from Julie's bat, spider, and pumpkin unit. It was a purchased TpT product, but it is totally worth it! Here is the link to go buy it:

The entire unit is 130 pages and they are all great activities! Enjoy! :)


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