Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More Flat Stanley Pics

Here are a couple more of my Flat Stanley pictures that I wanted to share with you!

This is the display that I have in the hallway.  I have added to it as they have come in.  I have a large map and then put up each Flat First Grader with a souvenir.  A couple of my Flat First Graders even brought back Flat Friends of their own!  :)   

This little boy's aunt did an amazing job!  She sent back a large scrapbook FULL of goodies for him from New York City!  We had so much going through all of this.  

Here he is with Flat Teddy Roosevelt at the Grand Canyon!  

This little boy received an entire box of goodies.  The class' favorite was the rattlesnake poop in the small tube on the table.  It was really chocolate covered peanuts, but some of them really thought it was poop!  :)

A lot of my Flat First Graders bring back fabulous pictures of their adventures, but one of the coolest pictures this year was of a boat that was painted with the little girl's name- S.S. Flat C******.  
I guess the boat washed up during a storm and now it's tradition to paint the boat so they painted it in honor of her Flat First Grader.  How cool is that?!?!  :)

If you want to do Flat Stanley activities with your kiddos you can check out my Flat Stanley Pack at my TpT store!  

I hope your end of the year is going well!  Mine is crazy busy!!  

We only have 6 days left!!  This year has gone by sooo fast!  :)


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