Sunday, April 27, 2014

We Adopted a Fourth Grade Class During Testing!

Last year our school decided to have our younger students 'adopt' an older class during the week of testing.  We did it and it turned out great!  

Kelley over at the Teacher Idea Factory created this wonderful free pack FULL of fun ideas called State Testing Adopt-A-Class Project & Ideas for you to do to support the older kiddos who are taking important tests.  

Last year it was such a hit that we decided to do it again this year.  My kiddos were so excited to make cute little gifts for the 'big' kids and write them good luck letters.  They got even more excited when I told them that they would get treats from my new first graders when they are in fourth grade.  They don't realize how important those big tests are, but that's okay.  Ignorance is bliss!  :)

There are so many ideas in Kelley's pack, but we chose just a few.  The way our school decided to do it was the Kindergartners adopted a third grade class, the first graders adopted a fourth grade class, and the second graders adopted a fifth grade class.  

Our fourth graders are only testing on 2 days, but we made 3 days worth of treats and wrote letters to go with them.  

Here are some pics of what we made for our adopted fourth graders: 

I also have a gift ready for their teacher who I'm sure is very stressed.  She likes to walk and bike in the summer so I filled this cute cup with coffee and chocolate...what every teacher needs!  :) 

Does your school do anything to cheer on the testing kiddos?  If so, I'd love to hear about it!  


Alicia said...

Love the class adopting idea!

Lynda Williams said...

What a super cute and positive idea! Great school community building! Teaching Science With Lynda

vicky1970 said...

I love Kelley - what a great idea! Hope your year is amazing Rachel! <3
Teaching and Much Moore

Jenna said...

What a fun idea! I am currently a Senior Elementary Education Major in Topeka, Kansas. An assignment was to find a blog that was within our content area. I stumbled upon yours and have absolutely loved your posts and ideas! I can't wait to try some of these when I have my own classroom! Thanks for sharing!

Sharmistha Ghosh said...

What a great idea !! I loved reading your blog and everything you do in class seems so very interesting ! I am an Elementary school teacher as well in India. You too can check out my blog its

derrick recky said...


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