Saturday, November 2, 2013

November Currently

I can't believe it's already November!  Go visit Farley for the November Currently!  

Listening- Trust Me, I'm a Game Show Host is so funny!  I can't believe some of the lies they come up with!  

Loving- We went shopping last night and today and I got some really cute new Christmas decorations. 

Thinking- I can't wait to put all of them out, but Hubby says I have to wait!  :)

Wanting- I saw a new Vera pattern that I LOVE so I think I need a new bag now!  

Needing- I need to start my Christmas shopping.  Technically I've already started because I have bought a couple things, but I still have a lot to buy.  I don't want to let Christmas sneak up on me this year! 

Yummy Pin:

Rice krispie treat tree

 Here is the link: or you can click on the picture.  

I love krispie treats and they're not as loaded with calories as other holiday goodies.  Even as a non-cooking wife I could TOTALLY make this!!  :)

Now go sign up with your own Currently!  You even have an extra hour tonight to do it!  :)


AlyseC said...

That rice krispie tree is adorable! I need to start my Christmas shopping too! My husband is the same way about Christmas...after Thanksgiving its fair game though!

Keep Calm and Apple On

Suzy Q said...

Sending the tree link to my niece and nephew...they love RK treats, and this would be such a fun holiday project for them!

Unknown said...

I am jealous that you have started Christmas shopping- well done! omg that rice krispie tree looks amazing- thanks for the idea :)

Michaela May said...

Wow!! Christmas decorations already!!!! I need to work on my decorations, we are still with the fall theme right now!!! Vera Bradley has nice bags, they are very similar to the Thirty-One that I sell!

Tania said...

I stopped by the Vera store at the mall. The new patterns are to die for. Santa does go to Vera, right?
My Second Sense

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen new Vera patterns yet. I must go a lookin'.

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