Friday, June 7, 2013

New Favorite iPhone App (not school related!)

My first week of summer has been wonderful!  Lots of getting things done, cleaning, organizing, working out, shopping, and looking for new fun iPhone apps!

I REALLY want to blog about the Father's Day cards we made a couple weeks ago, but I can't find my camera anywhere! It's great that I'll finally be able to get a new one, but I have soooo many pictures on the old one I want.  

We made the cutest Father's Day cards (and it was a TpT freebie), but I'll wait to see if my camera shows up before I share!  :)

Since I don't have any pictures to show you, I thought I would share a new iPhone app I found yesterday that is fabulous!  

Disclaimer: It has nothing to do with school so if you're not interested don't read any further....but it's a really good and free app so you might be interested!  

Key Ring Reward Cards
This app is called Key Ring Rewards Card and it lets you store all of those little key chain rewards cards you have.  After you download the FREE app you just scan the bar code with your phone, select the retailer, add a picture of the card if you want, and you're good to go!  

I have only used it once, but it worked wonderfully!  I had all of my rewards cards on a ring, but they kept falling off and taking up too much space in my purse.  Now they're all on my phone which is with me all the time!  

I know I'm a total dork for posting this, but I was very excited to find it yesterday.  I already feel more organized this summer because of it!  

My hubby downloaded the app on his phone, logged in with my email and password and now they're all on his phone too! 

Like I said...not educational, but good to know.  :)

Hopefully, I will find my camera soon and be back to show you Father's Day pictures!  

Enjoy your weekend!  


Unknown said...

Downloading NOW!!! Thanks so much for posting :)
The Techie Teacher

Miss DeCarbo said...

Love this idea! I'm always leaving them at home and missing out on rewards. Thanks! And miss you! Hope you're enjoying summer :)

Sugar and Spice

Unknown said...

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