Saturday, April 6, 2013

I *Heart* Pinterest Videos and Freebies

I want to share some wonderful things I have found on Pinterest lately!  

I really *heart* Pinterest and it has saved me sooo many times!  :)

This is what we will be doing next week in science for our weather unit.  My kiddos will LOVE it!  :)

Look how adorable this bulletin board is?!?!  We will be recreating this too!  

I have already started using this app for my classroom library.  I have some helpers that visit each week that have enjoyed using my iPhone for this.  It will make looking for books in my classroom library so much easier!  

This has saved me this year.  I have an Autistic kiddo that needed a safe space in our room so now we have 'Alaska'.  It's a place where he can 'hide', play with sensory toys, and chill out for a few minutes.  It has worked wonderfully.  

This video was our introduction to pronouns this past week and now my kiddos ask for it every day....even one of my boys who really struggles with paying attention asks for it and told me he has taught it to his dad!  How cool is that?!  

We sang this to help us with our doubles.  We then extended our doubles facts up to 10...and of course we created motions to go with it.  

You can find any of these wonderful Pinterest finds on my boards.  I hope you can use something here!  

Now I'm off to enjoy this sunny day!  Woohoo for spring!  :)


vicky1970 said...

Hi Rachel - I too love pinterest sooo much! What a neat idea - I have seen it on pinterest but not in someone's classroom yet. I love that Alaska idea! The countdown has begun...summer is coming.
Enjoy your last 2 days this week.

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