Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's Joke and April Currently

Happy April Fool's Day!

I'm not an 'April Fool's Day' kinda gal, but today we had so much fun!  I got my kids soooo good!  

We have special right away in the morning and we always use the restroom on our way back to the classroom.  Well today after gym, I told them we weren't stopping to use the restroom.  Instead we went straight back to our classroom and I told them to put their heads down. 

I have never told them to do that so they were totally in shock!  I then 'reprimanded' them for not behaving this morning while waiting to come in the building.  We did a quick review of school rules and I gave them the "Did we forget how to behave over Spring Break?!?!" speech until I couldn't keep a straight face anymore.  

Then, I shouted April Fool's!!  

They started to get up so I had to say put your heads back down.  I told them the real reason they had to keep their heads down was because I had hidden Easter eggs in the room and I didn't want any peeking.  They were so excited!!  

They had to answer a first grade review question in order to find an egg.  It was a huge success...especially after the April Fool's joke!  

Now, on to Farley's April Currently!  

I loved hearing the birds this morning!  Spring is here!!  

We are the last nine weeks of school.  Woohoo!  :)

See joke above!  

I really need to get my report cards done...they're due Wednesday.  

I soooo need a pedicure so my toes look cute for my summer flip flops.  

Advice: Let the little things go...I need to work on this.  Some days are better than others.  I worry about too many things so I'm trying to let the little things go!

Now go link up with Farley and don't forget the rule of 3!!  


Jeannine said...

Hi Rachel! I just found your adorable blog! I'm with you on the little things. I tend to be a perfectionist and the little things are really hard to ignore! Hoping you have a great last nine weeks of school and all goes well with report cards!

Creative Lesson Cafe

Beach Sand and Lesson Plans said...

I love the April's Fool! Very funny! They were probably so relieved when you told them you were kidding. I must get report cards done. I always wait for the last minute! Glad to be following!
Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

Bren P. said...

Poor kids! That was a good one! haha Yay for cute nails and flip flops!

Bren P. @ The Teacher Diaries

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