Monday, March 18, 2013

From Leprechaun Hats to Easter Eggs

We made Leprechaun hats on Friday in hopes that Lucky the Leprechaun would visit our room over the weekend and shrink them down to leprechaun size and leave a treat.  

Well, he made it!  

My kiddos were SOOOOO excited when they walked in this morning and found these cute litte leprechaun hats on their desks with chocolate underneath.  

Those were regular Styrofoam cups until they were shrunk by our leprechaun!  :)

We started the day with leprechaun hats, but we ended the day with Easter eggs!  

From one holiday to the next....

We used Anna Brantley's idea that she shared on her blog a couple years ago.  I used several plastic Easter eggs and wrote different numbers on one half of each egg and a clue on the other side.  

The pictures are hers!!  I forgot to take pics of the eggs I made, but they were similar!  

Then we used her freebie worksheet to go with it.  My kiddos LOVED this Easter egg fun today!  Click here to go to her blog!

I've never celebrated Saint Patrick's Day and Easter on the same day before, but we're on Spring Break next week so I wrapped up Saint Patrick's Day today as well as squeezed in some Easter fun!  :)


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