Saturday, February 2, 2013

February Currently and TpT Sale!

The beginning of February means another Currently from Farley!  Go to her blog to get more details and write your own Currently.

Here is mine:

We got several inches of snow last night/this morning.  I love how we always get snow on the weekends, but never get enough during the week for a snow day!  I REALLY enjoy those snow days!  :)

That's why it's one of my pet peeves not getting a snow day.  I also included lying....from students or anyone.  It drives me crazy!  

I also get really annoyed when I'm stuck behind a slow driver in the left lane.  I don't mind if you want to drive slow, but don't do it in the left lane and make me drive slow too!!  :)

One more thing before I'm off to go shopping with my hubby....there is a big TpT sale tomorrow!  I'm having a 20% off sale at my store and TpT is giving another 10% off if you use the code Super when you check out.  

I will definitely be doing some shopping during the Big Game tomorrow!!  :)  Enjoy the big sale!  


Erin said...

I found your blog through the Currently linky and now am a follower. Love your owls!!! We got some snow as well during the night last night. I keep my fingers crossed each time that snow is forecasted during the week that it will amount to something but it never does. That's what the weekends are for. The mass snow dump. :)


Unknown said...

Definitely have to agree with slow drivers in the left lane!! UGH...that makes me NUTS!!!

Jen's Kinder Kids

Katie said...

Found your blog through Currently! I'm your newest follower. Oooh- enjoy your 4 day weekend. Those are the absolute best!! :)

Smiles from 2nd Grade

Collaboration Cuties said...

I found you through currently! We have a four day weekend coming up too and I'm so excited!!

We live in GA and if there is even a threat of snow everything shuts down and we usually get a snow day. But then we get days tacked onto the end of the year, which is no fun!

Enjoy your shopping! We are new followers!
Collaboration Cuties

The Brown-Bag Teacher said...

Jealous that you get President's Day off! Enjoy :)

The Brown-Bag Teacher

Delighted said...

I would love to have some snow here in Oklahoma. I love having those snow days too!

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