Friday, February 22, 2013

Fantabulous Friday Freebies- Fractions

We started today off with a 2 hour delay because of freezing rain....and then it turned into a 'snow' day!!  Woohoo!  :)

We didn't get any snow days last year which is rare in Ohio, but we got a 'freezing rain' day today so I'll take it!! 

Since I was already up (and ready for school) I thought I would go ahead and post my Fantabulous Friday Freebies that I used this week.  

These are not freebies that I have created, but found on TpT and thought they were so great I had to share.  If you use them, make sure to leave some wonderful feedback!  

We have been learning fractions in math and my kiddos were kinda lost in the beginning.  The new common core standards in math don't take fractions real deep, but I went ahead and extended it because I think it helps my kiddos understand better when the top number (which I know is called the numerator) isn't always a 1.  I think when we first learn fractions, they just think every fraction has a 1 on top so we learned otherwise.  :)

We played Scoot for the first time this year.  I'll be honest...I was a little nervous about playing with my big class this year, but they were awesome!!  I told them it was going to take great listening skills to play and they were totally on target.  I will be finding more scoot games for sure!  

We also used these fraction flashcards for a quick practice.  Some of my kiddos have trouble remembering 1/2 is one-half and not one-two so going through these flash cards was a quick reminder.  They do go up to 12/12, but I didn't go up that high!  
I also found this Roll, Slide, and Cover game.  My kiddos will play this as one of their Math with Someone games during the month of March as a review.  The directions are given in the description.  

I feel like my kiddos have a much better understanding of fractions now which makes this teacher very happy!  :)

I hope you can enjoy these freebies!  

My brother teaches in a nearby school district so I had to text him this morning and share my good news of a snow day!  He let me know he was giving a quiz to his first period class.  I think he was jealous!  :)

Enjoy your weekend and snow day if you're off today too! 


Amanda Hagaman said...

Hi Rachel!! Thanks so much for the shout out about Fraction Frenzy! I'm glad your kids had fun with Scoot ... I was totally nervous about trying it out too, but I think sometimes they are way more motivated to listen when they're doing something fun :) A place value Scoot game is on my (LONG! hah!) to do list ... I'll let you know when I get it out!

Kate @ EduKate and Inspire said...

Wow, those are great freebies! Thanks for sharing... I start my fraction unit in a few weeks and those will come in handy! I teach in Ohio, too, and we got our first snow day in two years a few weeks ago! So exciting!

EduKate and Inspire

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