Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Apple TV and iPad Apps

I absolutely LOVE my iPad.....and so do my kiddos!  

I am lucky to have an Apple TV in my room so everything that is on my iPad can show up on my SmartBoard.  Isn't that cool?!?!  :) 

This is an Apple TV.  

Product Image

It is very small.  Only a few inches long.  It sits on my projector completely out of the way.  This magic box allows all of my kids to see what is on my iPad.  They love this.  

**side note: My hubby and I have one of these magic boxes at home and we love it too!  It's great for navigating Netflix and Hulu Plus!  

I wanted to share a couple apps that I have found that my kiddos really enjoy.  Some are free and some are not, but I wanted to share them all.  I'll share more great apps as I find them.  

If you have any good ones you use, please feel free to share!  I'm always looking for new apps.  

This is Splash Math.  This game allows you to play 20 questions for free every day.  If you want full access then it's $9.99.  This is great math review and probably my favorite app right now.  

iPhone Screenshot 1

This is First Grade Learning Games.  There are 10 games total.  The first 3 are free.  It's $2.99 to unlock the rest of the games.  It covers a wide variety of skills.  

iPhone Screenshot 1

I know it's not Halloween, but my kiddos still want to hear this story.  This app reads the story to you or you can record your own voice.  On each page if you touch the pumpkins they talk.  You can also hear the birds singing, the leaves rustling, and the waves in the ocean.  It's adorable.  This app is $2.99.  

iPhone Screenshot 1

We can't get enough of the Common Core Standards right now so here's an app!  This one is free!  

iPhone Screenshot 2

I can't leave out Class Dojo!  This app is amazing and my kiddos absolutely love earning their Dojo points.  We use my Rock Star Behavior Reward Catalog.  For every 10 points my kiddos earn they get a prize.  The best part is that all of my prizes are FREE and don't cost me any money.  This is so much better than my prize box last year.  :)  I have a kiddo who picked Fragrant Feet for tomorrow so he will get to take his shoes off all day!  He is so excited!!  

iPhone Screenshot 1

I hope you are able to use some of these apps.  My kiddos love using my iPad.  It definitely helps with keeping my kiddos focused.  

If you have any other apps that you use and are kiddo approved I'd love to hear about them!  Please share!!  :)


Mithun said...

Thank you Rachel for including our Splash Math apps :-)

vicky1970 said...

Hi Rachel
How cool that you have an apple tv in your room...can I say jealous? :o) I bet you have a lot of fun with it.
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