Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Time Capsule Fun!!

Every year I have had my kiddos make a time capsule.  We have soooo much fun with it! :)

Here is the link to my post back in the spring when we did this last year.  

This year I decided to make my own so I created a Time Capsule Pack that is available by clicking here!
We completed our time capsule papers today in class.  I've done them in class together and I have also sent the papers home to have parents help.  Either way works!  I decided to do it together this year so my kiddos would "spell the best we can".  This makes it more fun to see how much they have grown by the end of the year!  

Here are some of the time capsules my kiddos created today:
This little boy could not be any cuter!  He loves his teacher.  :)  I wish I had more of him.  

This little boy is so sweet and cute.  I love his hair-do!  :)  And he likes sins (science) too.  

I just love this sweetie.  She wants to be a nrs (nurse) when she grows up.  That's spelling the best we can!  :)

This little girl really likes Daily Five.  She's a great reader and enjoys the time spent reading good books!

Then we decorate our time capsules (aka paper towel rolls).  I write their names on them with permanent marker and draw a box around it to give them a boundary.  Then they are allowed to decorate their time capsule tube.

We roll up the paper and stick it inside the paper towel tube.  To make them more official I cover the ends with saran wrap and use rubber bands to hold it on.  
Then I put them all in a bag and tell my kiddos I'm taking them home to bury them in the backyard!  My kiddos really believe me so I let them...it's more fun that way!  To make it more authentic at the end of the year when I bring them back, I always throw a little dirt in the bag and apologize for getting them a little dirty.  Aren't first graders fun?!?!  

I really just hide them in my closet in my classroom.  They don't need to know that though....

Usually during the last week of school I give them another time capsule paper to fill out and then we open our time capsules to see how they have changed and how they have stayed the same.  The kiddos always love opening them.  

This is such a fun way to learn about time: past, present, and future.  

Click here to head over to my TpT store and purchase this Time Capsule Pack for only $2.00.  I will give 3 away to the first 3 people who leave a friendly comment with their email address!!  :)


Karyn said...

Rachel I love this idea! I think my kids would LOVE it! I bet they forget about it and are really surprised at the end of the year!
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Liz said...

This is adorable! I would love to do it with my kiddos!
Teaching in the Valley

Suzy Q said...

Ooh...this looks like so much fun! (With or without the dirt!)

tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

Rachel Seymour said...

I just sent my Time Capsule Pack to all three of you! Thanks for leaving a comment. Hope your kiddos enjoy it! :)


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