Monday, July 23, 2012

48 STATE Giveaway and 48 Hour Sale

As of today, I have officially been in all 48 continental United States!  I absolutely LOVE to travel so I am very excited about this!!  :)

I always try to take a picture of each state sign when I visit and I would love to share a picture of my 48th state, but unfortunately I didn't get one.  The highway was too busy.  :(

Are there any guesses as to which state it was??? 

I'll give you a hint....I live in Ohio and I traveled really far west!  

Oh, I know.  Let's make it a game!  You can guess one state and if you guess correctly and leave your email address I'll send you one free item of your choice from my TpT store!  

To celebrate my visit here I'm also having a 48 hour sale at my TpT store.  You can get there by clicking on the following picture.  
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I won't be back home until next weekend so have a great week!  

Out here I have limited cell phone service and internet access, but I'll be back to share my 48th state!  


Unknown said...

REALLY far west? Okay...Washington state? Have fun!!!


Miss Nelson said...


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Steph said...


meadowt said...

I am going to say California!

Lisa R. said...

I'm going to say California!!
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Suzy Q said...


tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

luckeyfrog said...



Andrea Crawford said...

My guess is Washington.

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Sandra said...

I was going to say California but that's been guessed... How about Nevada??
❤ Sandra
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Keys4Education said...

I too am going to say Cali! :o)

jennkeys @ gmail . com

Anonymous said...

I'm going to go with Oregon!


Lori R said...

I am going with Nevada.

teacher333 said...


The Tutu Teacher said...

I'll guess Colorado.

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Rachel said...

I'll say Oregon.

Rachel Seymour said...

Well my 47th state was Oregon, but my 48th state was......Washington! Beth, you won!

I will email you soon about what you would like!

Thanks for guessing everyone! I know some of you probably live here or have visited, but it is COLD in Washington this summer! I should post some pictures. I was beside snow at least 30 feet high today. :)

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